Grade 5


What Home Means to Me

My home means a lot to me because I can play my games with my family and friends. I can also go outside on my sledding hill and to my creek on our ATV. My favorite part is that I’m safe and cozy with my family. And if I got that iPad I would give it to one of my friends because I am generous and I’m nice and they deserve it, because there the BEST! And the pizza party would have all my classmates’ favorite toppings because not everyone likes cheese or pepperoni. I have a pool at my house so I will have my cousins and aunts over to go in it when covid is done. My second favorite part is that I have a bunch of toys and a 800ft driveway to play hockey on with my friends that play hockey. Plus I live 5 mins away from the park and hockey arena so we can rent it to play with my friends too!