Grade 6


What home means to me

Home to me means somewhere where you can laugh with your family, somewhere where you can giggle with your friends, somewhere you hurt and heal. A home is a safe haven for a lot of people where they feel protected and loved within the walls of their own home.
I feel as if having a home gives us all a comfortable sort of peace, knowing we can lay our heads down and rest, at ease and comfortable. We can make our homes represent who we are, either singularly or as a family, each room in a home represents the people who live there.
I feel as if not having a home would make most people sad, vulnerable, and lost.
Most people take for granted what it means to be able to walk through their front door every day and night. We don’t notice the little things that our home gives us. Heat to keep us warm, food to fill our bellies, water to keep us clean, and a family that cures all loneliness.
What would happen if one day these things were suddenly gone? I believe most of us would break under that circumstance.
I would love to be able to help someone gain a home, and all the things it represents, I would love to be a part of being able to be the reason why someone feels all the good things a house represents.