Grade 6


What Home Means to Me

Home to me is where I feel that I can show emotion without the feeling of being judged. My home is a place where I can be happy, sad, angry and ect. Home is a place I can be myself and feel nice about it.

Home is where I create and remember memories with my family. Home is where I can look back at all the joyful times with my family and smile. My home holds happy memories of me and my family being happy and cheerful. Home makes me feel happy because my family is around me comforting me through hard times.

Home is a place where I feel most safe. My home keeps me happy and warm with my family during rough times. My home is where I feel the most comforted and happy because my family is around me keeping me safe. Home is where I feel included the most. My home makes me feel like I matter and that I’m cared for.

Home to me is where I can invite my friends for sleepovers, parties and much more. My home doesn’t just hold my family, it holds my funny friends too. My home is where I call my friends during the pandemic and laugh to keep me happy. My home is where i laugh with my friends after a very long and stressful day.

Home isn’t just a building, it’s a place where you can show emotions without feeling like you’re being judged and Create memories with your family.