Grade 5


What home means to me

My home is a safe and happy place to stay.It’s a place where I can personally be myself with my family. It’s a place where my family spreads positivity. My home is everything I can imagine: Kindness, water, food, love and especially family. It is where I can rely on my family. I’m really grateful for a place to live in and a place where I live with people I truly love the most. It is a place where I’ve learned to stand and walk.

Every home is unique in their own way. A home is a place you’ll never forget. It’s a place where you tell jokes, play games and make forts. It is a place where you can learn more things. It is a place where there’s memories. It is where you sleep, eat and have fun.

Home is an out of the ordinary place and it puts a smile on my face. My family is always there whether I’m sad, disappointed, or discouraged. With a loving family and a home, my life is complete. It doesn’t matter whether you have a big house or not, what matters is you have a home and a family. Everyone needs a home.Everyone deserves a home.