Grade 5


What home means to me.

What home means to me.

When I walk to the mailbox at the crack of dawn,
I look at my house:
Four walls, a roof, some windows, a lawn.

But when you walk in the door, there is so much more.

The smell of breakfast filled the air.
I said to myself,
“ This home is far from bare.”

My brother comes running and gives me a hug.
My dog comes with her rope and we begin to tug.
My mom smiles; A face full of love.
My dads in the kitchen, I can smell from above

I look at my feet, my shoes not off yet,
I have been gone for 12 minutes and yet,

My family welcomes me like I’ve been gone for a year
And sometimes that makes me shed a tear.

The meaning of home is joy and love.
I know that home’s a blessing from above.
Where I cry, laugh, and play, all in the same day.
I know I’m home, when gray washes away!

But not every person has a great home like mine
Some people have not had a home for some time.

From hotels to family and even the streets
Some of these people are not what you see.

Dirty clothes, scratchy beards, and often very cold.
But if you look a bit closer you will learn that they are bold.

Bold enough to face the world jam packed with stereotypes .
Bold enough to not complain even on the coldest nights.

These people deserve a home like mine.
Warm, happy and secure.
Because life really isn’t an easy task.
Help them? I say sure.