Grade 5

Sault Ste. Marie

What Home Means to Me.

Home is where there is family, shelter, water and food. Home has washrooms, places to bathe or shower. You can cook, clean and eat with family and sleep in a nice warm bed. There are a lot of homeless people of all ages. Who do not have things we all have and take for granted. Homeless people are sleeping outside in all types of weather conditions and they go hungry at times. Homeless people have no picture’s hanging on their walls. They cannot watch tv or play board games with family. In my home everything has memories including the pictures throughout the house. We can play board games and watch tv when we want. It is very sad to see homeless people out on the streets with no place to go. Home has heat inside and it’s very warm. I love to play my guitar with my family and teach them how to play. I hope the homeless people will be safe and they will get a safe place with their family.