Grade 6


What Home Means to Me

Home is a place where I can go that will give me good food and laughs with my family. Home is somewhere where I can be comfortable, safe and loved by those around me. I love waking up in the morning and smelling fresh cooked bacon on Sunday morning. I feel sheltered at home from snow and thunderstorms. I always had a home during the hot summers and cold winters. Home feels like a house full of puppies filled with joy and energy. Sometimes when it rains or we have nothing to do we play board games. Even away from home I can still feel happy with my family. I love sitting by the nice warm fire. My favorite sport to watch and play is soccer. I can also have sleepovers with my friends where we watch movies have popcorn

At home, we always talk about old memories while relaxing on the nice soft black couch. The best part of home is the holidays.y favorites are Christmas and Thanksgiving, but mostly Thanksgiving,where we get the whole family together, including our cousins. When I walk downstairs or anywhere else I can see pictures on the walls of the family from left to right.