Maclyn Rae

Grade 6


What Home Means to Me

What is home?
Home isn’t just 4 walls, it isn’t just a place where I sleep, it isn’t just where I get food.
That stuff doesn’t make it home there are so many things that do make it home. It’s home when I can dance and sing as loud as I want without getting judged .I can get away from the mean words and stress of school. I don’t have to fake a smile, I can be myself, I can pray, I can scream,and I can cry.I can come home and feel safe .I may fight with my siblings and I may be mad at my parents but,I know that they will help me when I need it. I know my dad is always there to help with homework. I know my mom is always there to give me hugs when I’m sad. I know my sister is always there to help me with my hair I know my brothers are there to play with. I have a home I can be there without being judged. Everyone should have a home somewhere where the can go to and make memories were they can go to scream in a pillow. It’s not what it looks like its but what goes on the inside. Everyone has a different example of what home is and that’s what home is to me. Home is safe spot.