Grade 6


What Home Means to Me

Home to me isn’t just a bunch of bricks and wood planks with the inner workings of design. Home to me is where I can go to hide from my outside world problems. Lately, Covid has made it harder but I want everyone to have and a home that isn’t just a box we call our “house”, home is where people with feelings, hearts and life live. Home is a safe place where you don’t have to worry . Absolutely everyone should have a home. and it doesn’t matter if people say people without a house to live in don’t deserve it, because a home isn’t just a box we live in called a house.It is a community,a group of people that show affection to each other. My home isn’t my house, my home is Canada, and we all need a home so we don’t lose more of us, we need warmth , and especially affection.I know it’s not just me,we all need support during these hard times, so lets be the kind people we are and help each other. Keep giving to others.