Grade 4


what home means to me.

What home means to me
Home is love, family, friends .
It’s safety, joy and it will never end.
Home is not a house, it’s family and memories.
It’s joy, it’s love, it’s happiness.
You might get feelings of happiness or sadness and stuff but remember
Home is special because not everyone gets one.
You’re lucky to have one if you can.
Your home should be safe you should understand.
Home is caring, home is sharing, home is fun for everyone.
Home is where your parents encourage you in every place you stand.
It doesn’t matter if it’s big or small, you’ll get your space in every home.
Home is grace, home is love.
You need to remember your lucky .
You need to remember that all the electronics you have, some girls and boys don’t even have a home. Electronics are the last thing they want. They just want a home, so your lucky to have a home. I just want to win so I can give the money away . I don’t need the ipad. I want everyone to just stay here and pray that all the girls and boys will get a home someday. I don’t need the pizza party I would like to donate it to other people that may need it more than I do.