Grade 6


What home means to me

What home means to me. Home means different things to different people around the world. It also means three main things : food, shelter and water.

What it means to me
To me home means that I am safe, that I am relaxed, that I am loved and cared for. It also means that I have pets and things to bring me joy. When I am at home I feel calm. Home means that I have a good education. Home also means having my pets, my sister, my mom, and my dad. I think I’m very fortunate for all the things I have because a lot of people around the world don’t have all the things I do.

What it means for other people around the world
Everybody has a different meaning of home. For some it’s a place to rest. For others it’s a place that’s safe. For most people it is sheltered. It can be a place that holds memories or a place with love. Home might not be a place. It might also be your family.

What it means to all
For everybody it means peace, food, water, and shelter. For most it means family and friends. It also always means a safe place to stay for the night. Some have a new home every day. Some people lose their house to war or to financial problems. Those who don’t have a house, home might mean a place with sadness or a place filled with old memories.

Home is always different wherever you go, and different for every person and every animal. But we all know what home means to us.