Grade 6


What Home Means to Me

I opened the front door; I stepped on the dark wooden shiny floor. I hear a voice that is soft yet loud, I hear a small “hey sweetie” as I close the door behind me, the door slammed close because of the wind drifting by. I fell into a tiny white chair; I started taking off my blue mask with a big exhale. I slide across the shiny wooden floor with my white socks, I look down and see my reflection through the wood panels. I Smelt a smell that reminded me of Winter, The smell of a cozy soup on the stove. Looking at the grey walls with family photos from each trip and family event from the past, every picture has its own Unique picture frame. I hear taps across the wood floor, it sounds like someone tapping a school desk with the Led on their pencil, I see my dog running at the speed of light as his eyes show all the emotions. I walk slowly over to the grey couch and fall into it. I lay on the couch for a few minutes which are feeling like seconds, I slowly sit up feeling a sense of calm and happiness running through my body.

One night, I sat at the dinner table patiently waiting for dinner to be served, the smell of the cooked vegetables and freshly pulled out of the oven Chicken which made me feel safe and loved. At nighttime I cannot wait to get up to bed just to lie there and think, I get up to bed and jump into my comforters. I think of how happy and grateful I am to have my own home to grow up in. I wake up from my long sleep, I drag my feet over to the mirror to brush my hair and clean up. I walked down the stairs as I could barely keep my eyes open, as I drag my feet and cannot stop yawning. I heard a crackling noise then smelt the smell of crispy bacon on the stove. I heard a soft noise which reminded me of nature and calmness, I turned my head slowly to the left then slowly to the right, I see my dad setting up for a work meeting then everything goes quiet.

I woke up one day feeling sick, I could not even taste my favorite meal. I sit in my bed trying to sleep because I could not even sit up without feeling nauseous. I flip to the other side of my bed feeling more comfortable every time I shift, I hear a knock on my bedroom door then hear a soothing voice saying, “how are you feeling?” I sit up slowly then see my mom with soup coming to give me some food to help me get better. Later that day, I hear the front door open then hear “guess who’s h-home!” I knew it was my dad coming home after a long day at work. I hear loud footsteps climbing up the stairs slowly than hear my bedroom door open, I see my dad coming to see how I am feeling. My dad always makes sure I am okay and always makes the funniest jokes when even I am in the worst mood, he makes me laugh, I already knew when he came up to see how I was doing he was going to make a joke to make me laugh.

Whenever I am sick or not feeling good my family is always there to make me feel better. I was sitting on the couch brightly in the morning one day and falling to the side because I cannot even keep myself up because of how tired I am, I can hardly keep my eyes open and keep on zooming out because of how tired I am. I was so tired, but I still only thought about how thankful I am to have a family that can give me and my sibling the appliances, food, and water to live. I wish that everyone could know how great my family is. I am so grateful for my whole family and wish everyone could have a home like mine.