Grade 6

Grande Prairie

What home means to me

This is what home means to me.
Home is where your memories expand and bond.
All your memories won’t lead you to despond.
Home is where you play around all day and everyone believes what you say.
Home is where you can trust you are safe in your bed and it’s a place where you can rest your head.

A home would be where your love will stay and
always make you calm in bed all day.
Home is where your parents take care of you.
All you can do is whatever they pursue.
All of my worries are not to be hidden.
As my parent’s responses are always given.

Home is where you are inspired,
And your time to stay won’t expire.
Home is where we enjoy our meals and have our needs.
It’s the ideal place to enjoy and have the best of you.
This is the meaning of home to me.