Grade 4


What Home Means To Me

What Home Means To Me

Our home is a safe place. It is a safe place because there are walls around me and a roof above me. If I have a bad day, my home is always a safe place to come home to.

Our home brings our family together. We make lots of good memories when we are at home. We love to play in our backyard together too!

We all have items we love in our home that make it cozy. I like having a place to display my art, my Mom and Dad have a space for their books, and my sister and brother have an area for their toys.

I am happy knowing I always have a warm place to be. I like knowing I can bring friends home, and friends are always welcome in our home. I also like cuddling with mom on the couch before bed.

In our home we enjoy having meals together. I am lucky to have a home where we can celebrate special events with friends and family, like birthdays and special suppers. At home we like to make cookies in the winter and have BBQs in the summer.

I am grateful for our home because to me home means family.