Grade 6

Grande Prairie

What home means to me

Home is where you can be you
You can do whatever you want to do
You can fight
But you should know what is right so you do not fight
You can be loved
By the ones you love
You can play
And you can play all-day
You might have to do chores
But it can be a bore
Home is where there is a roof over your house
You might have mice in your house
You can watch tv all-day
But your parents might say you have to go play
If you argue with your parents that you have a small house it is too bad
Your parents will say a least we have a house so do not get mad
You might get bad mood.
And your parents will say at least we have food
Home is where my family is and friends
But you can send your friends
Home is also where you have been a long time
Things that you can climb
Home is where your best friends live
You might have to arrive
Home is where you get your memories
Even though you have enemies
If you have enemies try to make them friends
Do it as if your life depends on it
Home is where you have pets
You may be threatened
Home is where you can play
Even though outside might be grey.