Grade 6

Fall River
Nova Scotia

What Home Means to Me

What does home mean to me? I think it is my place to go to feel secure and happy. My house is made by a builder but my home is made of safety and comfort, memories plus hardships and the people who are there for me.

To start my home is my safety it’s my comfort it where I feel safe. When I’m home I can express my feelings. When I’m sad, happy, or maybe when I’m empty. When I’m scared my home is the place that comforts me when I’m hurt. It‘s my shelter from the dark, it’s what saves me from my fears, all my bad thoughts and worries. The safety and the comfort builds a foundation for my home.

Another example is that my home is built off of memories from good to bad. They might vary from baking cupcakes with my mom while jamming to some George Michael or fighting about a candy bar with my sister. All the little thoughts that fill my head are reminders why I call this place my home. I still remember the bad memories like when I fell down the stairs when I was two years old. The memories frame the walls.

A third example is the people who finish the home they make even better. You need the family that supports each other. That helps them through these hard times. The friends that bring happiness and give you more memories to hold on to. The people who challenge us to keep working harder to make us better and stronger. They are the ones who create the roof.

Safety and comfort, the memories plus hardships and the people you love that’s what makes my home. “We shape our home and then our homes shape us.” -Winston Churchill .