Grade 6

Fall River
Nova Scotia

What Home Means to Me

Where is your home, it can be anywhere! My home is my favourite place, home can vary it can be your house, it can be a library or maybe even school! Home to me is a place where family lives, memories store and where you belong.

First, my home is where my family lives. My mom cooks her great food and cares for us sometimes too much. My dad works and teaches us very important skills. My sister and her friends play together. family is a home for all.

Secondly, home is a bank of memories. Losses are a huge part of all homes, we all have our losses. Love is greater than loss, it keeps a family together like the bricks of a house. Success comes to all at some time and place sometimes a little late. Losses, love and your success makes a home a good home!

Last, Home is a place to belong. Home makes you comfortable in any way. Home can be a safe place not just a house. You truly belong at home, belonging is almost an exact description of home. I belong with my family so that makes it my home.

A family, good and bad memories, and the place where you belong is a home to me. Imagine if none of these were true about your home, would that place still be home to you?