Grade 6

Fall River
Nova Scotia

What Home Means to Me

Dog walks in the snow, cozy blankets and warm banana bread all have something special in common . They all represent home to me! To me home feels like I belong there along with loved ones and pets and memories with cousins and friends.

To start with when I am home I feel like I belong and my family wants me there. At my home I feel safe, not just because there are walls up and locks but because family is there to protect me. I can be myself no matter what and can wear what I want. For my house to feel like a home I have to feel I can be myself and express myself.

In addition, family, loved ones and pets are a big part of my home. Loved ones support me and make me feel loved. For me you can never have too many family members. I love my pets Roxy and Eve so much.They make home feel so cozy. In my opinion home should have people that love you there.

Lastly, are memories and feelings. I have so many memories from my nana’s house. We always go there for Sunday supper. Lucy, my cousin, and I have lots of memories together at my home. Joy and sadness are also in my home. I feel lots of emotions and they’re not all good, happy emotions. They can be sad and that is okay. I have many memories of my friends and cousins at my home.

Let me tell you what home means to me. It is where I can express myself, family supports me and memories of cousins and friends. Your home does not have to be your house, it could be a tree you love to sit in. Your home can be anywhere you want.