Grade 5


What Home Means to Me

Home is a place where you can always find someone to understand you and love you. When I’m at home I always feel secure because the ones I love are with me.
Sometimes when I’m out of my house and I am around people I don’t know, I feel insecure. It can be scary to be around people you know nothing about. In my home, I always know the people inside. When I think of home I don’t think of a place where I sleep and eat. I think of a place where I can feel loved and secure because home is a beautiful place.
Home isn’t just a secure nest filled with love, it’s a place for problems to be fixed like when I fight with my brother and sister I have to fix those problems. If you don’t fix problems, those problems can come back and make you unhappy later in life.
A house is not just the bricks and wood, it’s about the people who live in your house that make it into a home.