Grade 5

St. Albert

What Home Means To Me

When I get home after a long day,
It is a safe place to stay because my house is my favorite place to play,
Home is a sanctuary for me, home is where I happily place trust,
Not because I must but because I desire to.
My home is a place to express my feelings like nowhere else.

My home is unique,
My heart leaps when I see home.
It is a place to build family support and a place to bond.
My home radiates love and positivity.
My home is a place to be myself, It holds so many joyful memories preserved in Pictures on a shelf.

My family is the heart of the home,
My home is a place of fascinating experiences and opportunities it is a place Where I learn and grow.
I adore my home like nothing else.
I agree that many people need a roof over their heads , a floor under
Their feet and a door to go through… into their homes.