Grade 5

St. Albert

What Home Means to Me

What does home mean to me? What do you like about your home? Home to me is a place where I can relax, cry, have fun and most importantly be myself. But not just that have you thought of like a bed, couch and table? You probably think I’m talking about furniture but I’m not. It’s more than furniture. For example, a table you can connect with others, a bedroom you can have privacy and space, a couch you can have cuddles and relax, and more I told you….

But how did you feel when you entered your home? Most of my house is made out of bricks. But when I first walked into my home it was my home. I can always imagine all the memories, joy, hope, faith, the happiness it felt like a dream come true….

A house is a home where you can spend time connecting with others like family and neighbourhood friends where you can meet with others. But most don’t have that suggestion or maybe even an offer which is sad. You can win someone you never knew existed you can make someone’s day. To enter this contest to win someone a home come on let’s do it.