Grade 6

Fall River
Nova Scotia

What Home Means to Me

Home is a special place, Some people don’t have a home. The things that make my home feel like home the people around me, the emotions and the memories.

The first thing is the people around me. My family is very important and kind. Friends will make you happy and make you laugh. My pets will bring me comfort. People and pets are a big part of my home.

The second part of my home is the emotions. Joy and happiness fill the air. Some times are sad but the main feeling is comfort. Emotions are always flying around in my home.

The third part of my home is the memories. Memories of celebrating holidays, memories of birthday parties with my friends, funny moments are great to remember. There are alot of memories in my home.

The people and pets,the emotions and the memories is what makes home feel like home to me. Having a home is amazing. Hopefully one day everyone will have a place to call home.