Grade 6


What Home Means to Me

To me, home is a place where I am safe, happy, and surrounded by my family;. A place
where I can go anywhere, anytime because I belong here with my family.
I feel safe at home because we have locks on our doors. My family lives with me and we
are all together. I feel more safe with my family because I can act like myself. I also feel safe
because whatever I do, my family will always love me and I can always have somewhere to
return to.
I feel happy at my home when I can just curl up in my bed whenever I want to. I am also
happy at my home because I can watch TV near the fireplace, play with my sisters and puppy
whenever I don’t want to be alone, and there is always someone at home waiting for me when I
come back. Home is a happy place to be.
A house without people can be lonely and empty. A house becomes a home when a
family moves into it. It is the inside of the home that counts. I love my home because I always
have my family there around me.
That is why I feel safe, happy and surrounded by family in my home. This is what home
means to me.