Grade 6


What Home Means to Me.

The meaning of home is something very important to me. So I want to start this off by talking about how I feel when I’m at home. While I’m at home I always feel safe and protected, it makes me feel like nothing will ever happen to me through these thick walls around me. I also feel very happy being surrounded by the people I love. I wake up everyday in my room knowing how lucky I am to have this amazing home and family.

Next I want to talk about my room. In my room there are pictures on the walls that describe me and my personality. The colors throughout my room are not very bright but the LED lights I have are bright and those describe my personality very much because I will either be in a bad or good mood. My room is the only place in my house where I feel free because in any other places in my house my parents are always going to be there so I always have privacy in my room. So in my room I have privacy and don’t have to worry about pretty much anything.

Home is where my brothers are. Even though they might be a pain sometimes I love them very much and I’m incredibly grateful for them. I love spending time with them and being there for them when they are sad even though they are really young and don’t really have any bad things going on in their lives. Even though they don’t really show that they love me sometimes when they attack me I know that deep down inside they love me very much.

Lastly home is where I can be myself. When i’m at home I don’t have to worry about anything. I will never be judged by my family, they will always be incredibly supporting and loving towards me because of the amazing people they are. To end this off home means family, safety and comfort to me and no matter what happens home will always be the place I go to.