Grade 6


What Home Means to Me

Home is a place where I can stay,
Because I feel safe every day.
Home is a place I can eat a meal,
And at the end of the day love is all I feel.
I have a bed where I can sleep,
Some people don’t so they might weep.
I have a roof over my head,
So I am safe from the weather ahead.
At home I have plenty to do,
I can read, play games and swim too.
Home is a place where I can take a shower,
Because we have a lot of power.
I love it when we have family game night,
Because all electronics go out of sight.
Home is a place where holidays are great,
It’s one of the things that I do not hate.
I feel bad for all the people who don’t a home,
Because they must spend a lot of time alone.