Grade 6


What Home Means to Me.

To many others, They describe home as the place they come to every night to stay and live there. To me, home isn’t actually a place, it’s a state of mind and with people you love and trust. Home is where you feel safe, cherished, peaceful.

I think that the way home is for me is because I don’t need a specific place to call my home. Being home is the way I feel when my dogs give me a kiss, the way it feels to be embraced by someone’s hug or how it feels when I’m outside in Nature surrounded by everything and anything. I think that if everything got ruined and buildings fell over and everyone was panicking because their home was gone,I wouldn’t be as affected.

My family and friends are the ones who make my home a home, and if we were all together then it would be okay because all we need is each other for things to clear and make any situation bearable.

I know that for many people home is a place where you have memories with others and special events. But those are made with your loved ones, which means you can create more memories, memories can be replaced or having another important memory replace them, people can’t be replaced.

These are ways that I think home isn’t a place, it’s a state of mind or with people you love and care about. This is what I think home is.