Grade 6


What Home Means to Me.

To me home isn’t necessarily a building with four walls and all our human necessities, it’s a place where families come together and live in a place where they are free to be anything they want to be. A home has many different concepts depending on whom you ask.

For me a home is a warm place where I can converse with my family and have everything I need to live a comfortable life. For some people they don’t have this kind of comfort in a home. To some people a home is just a place where they sleep and eat. For some people no home is no foundation to start anything on because with a home you can have something to grow from.

A home is a cozy place where you can end each day off. A place where you can make memories and keep yourself as well as your family safe. With a home you can feel secure and stable with your family. You can have a home base with your home and a place to live your life as well as a new beginning or fresh start to have a new future.

With a home you have a place with love and support with people whom you love. Where you can grow and create new memories plus a safe haven. A place for you to come home and be full of happiness. Home can be a peace of mind and a place to go after dealing with a stressful day.

In conclusion home is a place where you can be happy, live happy, and grow with people you love and support.