Grade 6


What Home Means to Me.

What is home… Well, home is different for everyone it could be love or hate, happiness or sadness. But what home means to me is love, happiness, joy, being supported cared for, being in a building that is safe and secure, but most of all… a home is something I am grateful for something that I care about.

My home is safe and secure. It has no leaks no damaged walls or any broken windows, I like it that way. That means to me, it is a safe home. My home is loving because of my family being supportive, giving, and kind. Home means to me, a place that a can laugh in, be myself, and I am grateful for my home.

I am very grateful for my home because not everyone has a good home or a good location for a home in addition it is very sad plus you should be grateful for a pleasant home. Habitat for Humanity is helping out with that situation which is incredible! There are all doing it all for free! It think this will help alot of people as well as lowering the rates of homelessness and bad homes.

In conclusion my home means everything to me, and do not know what I would do with a safe and inclosed home like I do now. Thank you for reading my work.