Grade 5

Richmond Hill

What Home Means to Me.

My favourite place.
I tidy it up so it’s not a disgrace,
It’s where I sleep, eat and play,
It’s even where I wash my face.
On stormy, chilly, nights,
It’s where I cuddle up with my sister,
That’s when I kiss her.
When I feel sad,
It’s where I get hugs.
In this house there is no bed bugs
Some people don’t have homes
The homeless might be cold on stormy, chilly, nights.
Homeless don’t have stuff like us, like combs,
We need to do something
Raise awareness and money
Protect homeless from weather,
Give them food like honey.
The homeless need us,
And that’s how it’s going to be.
We’re going to help them best that we can
We are going to save them.

Everybody needs a home!