Grade 6

Prince Edward Island

What home means to me

I get off the bus and seeing my friends playing ball hockey,
As I run to my house to grab my walkie talkie,
I feel the floor beneath my feet,
I grab a treat that tastes really sweet,
As I hear the birds tweet,
I open the door to go outside,
As the wind pushes my side,
As I walk to play and the ball is dropped,
I get the ball and take a shot,
I score!
My mom comes to pick me up.
Time for me to play some real hockey,
As I get in the car with my gear, my friend acts very cocky,
I hear my team talk about the other team,
And on me the sun starts to beam.
We walk in the rink as the feeling of hockey starts to kick in,
I go to get dressed, I feel the coldness for the ice,
Oh, it’s a hockey game tonight.
As the seconds die down,
The other team looks like clowns,
As we walk of the ice we feel victory in our veins,
I walk of the rink,
As I see my mom wink,
I get in the car as we go back home,
As I get home I run down stairs to go to my bed that feels like foam,
As I lay in bed, I think of all the great things I have,
I think of how lucky I am cause I have a safe home that i can love,
And that’s what home means to me :).