Grade 6

Fall River
Nova Scotia

What Home Means to Me

When I think of home, I think of where I grew up. I was born in Ottawa and grew up there until a couple months ago. I feel that I’m connected to the city, and that it’s my home because that’s where all of my friends and memories are. Even though I consider Ottawa as my home, I imagine that over time, I’ll feel the same way about Nova Scotia.

When I think of home, I don’t think about the house itself, instead, I think of the city I live in. I am more of a city person than a suburban or country person, which is why I love my home city of Ottawa. The city had many places to go and things to do, from trampoline parks to hockey rinks, fro-yo restaurants to water parks. You name it! The city was filled with things to do with my friends, making it feel like home.

When I think of home, I think about being comfortable. I am the most comfortable in my room. I spend a lot of time there playing guitar, drawing, playing on my laptop, and reading my comic books. My room is a place where I can concentrate on what I’m doing without any distractions. I’m truly comfortable in my room, and it makes me feel home.

If I ever do find the word home in Nova Scotia, I will still consider Ottawa one as well. They say home is where the heart is, and although, I feel like a part of mine is still in Ottawa, there are things I’m starting to consider home here in Nova Scotia.