Grade 6


What Home Means to Me

When my teacher first gave me this assignment and I was trying to think about what to write, it was hard to think of what the meaning of home was. So, I brainstormed some ideas about what my home meant to me. I came up with some ideas and highlighted the 3 most important ones to me. What is the meaning of home? The meaning of home for me is a place to feel safe, be with family and to be happy.
Feeling safe is having warmth and cooling, protection from the weather and security from strangers. Feeling safe also means a place to keep my belongings and a fridge so our food doesn’t go bad.

Being with my family means making memories and traditions like movie nights, having my friends over, being able to have pets and sharing a bedroom with my sister.

Being happy is having a backyard to play in, space to move around, growing up in the same place, going to the same school, knowing your surroundings, feeling safe to explore the neighbourhood and also knowing and trusting my neighbours.

So, what is the meaning of home? The meaning of home is having a place to feel safe and happy, that you can share with family and friends.