Grade 4

Calgary, Alberta

What Home Means to Me

As I walk in the door my moms soft voice greets me,
Like a key to open my heart
My home is not just made of wall, floor, and roof
It’s made of memories that fill me up like the brightest shooting star in space
It’s where i have learned memorable lessons when I have been bad
I also have found out that everyone is different and no one will ever be quite like me!
My soft bed is like a marshmallow where i have every night fallen asleep
And felt carefree of the rest of the world
My home is as sweet as candy and I am not planning on leaving it

My moms baking smells like a breath of fresh air
This familiar place makes a comfortable seat to sit my bottom at the dining table!
My dogs gracefully chew their bones well one enjoys a sip of water
This loving and caring home makes a great environment for my brother and I

My home is a great place to be raised
My home is where I make wonderful memories
My home is my own
I think everybody deserves a home just as great as mine!

Soon Habitat For Humanity will have built so many homes for so many deserving that almost everybody will have a nice and humble home to go to after each and every day!