Grade 6


What Home Means To Me

To me, home is the place where I can be myself and feel safe. It’s also where my family and pets are. But most of all, home is where memories are made.

At home, I can hear my sister giggling whilst talking on the phone, and my cat purring loudly in his bed. I can also smell the delicious scent of my mother’s famous mac and cheese cooking. In addition, I can feel my father’s strong hug wrapped around me too.

My bedroom is another thing I love about home. The softness of my bed and the humming of my computer are all things that I get comfort from as well. In the living room, I like lounging on either of my couches, watching television too. Comfort is another thing that home means to me.

During the pandemic of COVID-19, home is one of the only places that is safe from the virus. It makes me feel the safest at home. It is also a place where I can roam around breathing freely without my mask on. When coming home from a long day at school, my favourite thing to do is peel my hot mask right off my face. These are things that make me feel at home.

Feeling safe, being with my family, and being comfortable, are all things about home. This is what home means to me.