Grade 6


What home means to me

What does home mean to me?
Well let’s find out…!

When I’m at home I feel safe. I feel
safe because if someone “breaks
In” I already know my parents will protect me.
When i get home after school, I always lock every door
in my house then I feel even safer
because no one can get in, even if they try.,
This is because our lock is super strong and I like that.

I love my family because they care
about me very much. I know they care
about me because they do so much
for me, when I don’t even ask.
My mom always helps me with homework,
cleaning my rooms SOMETIMES
when it’s too messy, and maybe dishes.
My dad is super kind and he buys us
so much stuff, but don’t worry
were not spoiled,and he also does lots of stuff
with us like playing board games,
playing video games, and going for a drive to
Tims to get tea! My brother does
nothing for me but at least he’s nice.

When I’m at home I feel really happy
because when I get home from
school or from my dads house,
my mom is super excited to see me. I also
feel happy because we play board games a lot.
But sometimes I feel sad because
my siblings are mean to me, but
that’s ok because I know they love me
deep down in their heart.

Being at home surrounded my family,
knowing that I’m safe, and being grateful that
I have a home. This is all that means the most to me.
I hope everyone finds a warm safe home to stay.

That’s what home means to me!!!