Grade 6


What home means to me

To me home means to play with family and friends, to be happy and have lots of fun.

Although, I have one house but multiple homes. Home doesn’t mean your house. It is where you love to be. Some of the places I like to be are at school and my favorite park.

Riding my bike to the park, I see all of my friends playing around and I smell the fresh air and feel it blowing against me. Everytime I go there I feel super happy and comfortable. It always feels like home. We always play the most fun games there. Playing with my friends makes me feel safe.

When I’m driving to school with my dad, listening to music and looking out the window at beautiful mother nature always makes me happy. Then going to learn with friends, some of them, as close as family. My classroom feels as safe as the park. I love to make my friends and teachers laugh. It makes me even happier then them.

All of my homes are quite different except one thing, they all make me feel safe.