Grade 6

Fall River
Nova Scotia

What Home Means to Me

What home means to me.

Home is not my home without my brother. He is nice to me and I know that I can be honest with him. I know that I can be myself with him and that he won’t judge me for it. I know that either with my family or just with my brother that they will keep me safe; whether it’s emotionally or physically. Friends are another part of what home is to me. If they are friends on my street or on FaceTime. I love them like they are my brothers or sisters.

The feeling of home for me is “happiness”. If I need love or support I can always go to my mom when I need her. She is one of my biggest fans and I always support her for what she wants to do. Laughter and happiness go hand-in-hand because when you can’t laugh without being happy and you can’t be happy without having a great time. In my house if people are over for a fun night or it’s game night with my family, it’s always so fun. On Friday nights we do family pizza night and while my mom and I are rolling out the dough, my dad and my brother are picking the best music!

When I am relaxed in my home, it’s like there’s nothing to worry about. When I have a good book, I can curl up on my bed or on the couch and stay there for hours. In my house I have a puppy that I love. Whenever I just need a break from what I’m doing or want a hug, I play with him or snuggle him. At dinner time or during the day, baking or cooking is so relaxing for me. I can always have so much fun in the kitchen, if it’s by myself or with someone else in my family.

That is home to me.