Grade 6

Thunder Bay

What home means to me

There are many meanings to home but to me home means a comfortable place, family, friends and something you enjoy. These things are my home because of the memories that I had. For me a comfortable place is my house, every day I walk in there I feel free and calm knowing that I’m safe and nothing to worry about. I’m so grateful that I have a house to live in, sleep in and eat in. Friends and family are my home because they all care for me and if I need something they are always here for me. Also all the memories we had, those times I spent hanging out with my friends and family and still do are the best days of my life. Lastly something I enjoy is soccer, every time I step on the field my body takes over because this is what I love. Every win, every loss and every training session I get to learn new things and be motivated to be great. Eventually, hard work will pay off and I’ll be the best. So every time I step on the soccer field it is my home.