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What Home Means to Me

What Home Means to Me
By Alexus Nyack

My home life hasn’t always been the best, there was always something to fight about, especially with my sister, but it’s gotten better since then, very much so actually. It’s been calmer recently with the occasional fight here and there but we’d always make up, it never caused long grudges.
Home may look different for everyone, but I myself grew up with both a mother and a father, it wasn’t always the greatest, they used to fight a lot, over personal stuff I won’t get into, but I was way too young to think anything of it.
Besides all that, home really means a lot to me, it’s somewhere I can go and feel loved and appreciated.
Home means being accepted, it doesn’t matter what you identify as, nor who you love. You are you, and you deserve love for that. No matter what.
Home is, in my opinion, not just a place. It’s a vessel of time, where your brain holds the most memories, from the couch, to the dusty and old item’s you kept by your side at all times, they all meant something to you at a point in your life, I hope you keep that in mind the next time you dig up your old stuff, just think about how much you loved and cherished it.
I have overcome so many things with the help of my friends and family at home, so many things I never would have thought I’d get over, just with their support alone.
And hey, maybe nobody at home is nice to you, but perhaps that doesn’t mean they won’t be there for you when you need it. 
I feel comfortable saying I am Gender Fluid because of how accepting my family has been, especially my mother. My pronouns change, that’s what Gender Fluid is, I can be He/Him one day, She/Her the next, then after maybe I don’t wanna be neither, and I go by They/Them.
Someone who helped me feel semi-comfortable with myself is the psychologist that used to come to my school, home means, to feel loved, and she helped me realize that. My confidence mostly came from what she taught me.
Home is a place, it’s as simple as that, right? But it’s not. It’s more than that, it’s your safe-zone, the place where you express yourself more than anywhere else, where you feel comfortable. 
Home may not be pretty, but it’ll get better, I don’t know what your home life looks like, but, I promise, it’ll get better, even if it’s good now.
Your home may even cause stress, or you just feel mistreated or judged, I know how that feels, believe me, it really doesn’t feel all that great, but I want you to promise me you won’t let that bring you down, alright? Alright, that’s all, have a nice rest of your day.