Grade 5


What Home Means To Me

To me home means both being and feeling safe. For me home is watching hockey games with my family. By the way, my family and I like the Winnipeg Jets, they are our favourite team! Home is a place where I can speak openly. And be treated well. I feel welcomed at home. And I am respected there. Home means smelling my mom baking muffins and my dad roasting coffee. At home I feel loved. And people are kind at home. My toys are at my house and my sister plays with me. Oh, and my dad can always make me laugh. My family likes swimming in our pool in the summer and camping with our friends. My sister and I like to play laser tag with our friends. Me, my dad, my mom and my sister all pitched in to make a Ninja course in are backyard. Every day I can’t wait to come home to my family. But really home isn’t the house itself, home is where my family is.