Grade 4


What Home Means To Me

Home is special to me for many reasons. At home, I can be myself and my family loves me. My home is so nice and comfy. In my basement my grandparents live. When I first saw my home, I thought maybe I wouldn’t like it, and I like it a lot because we’ve grown in it. People come in and out of my home almost every day and I really like it. It’s where I can play around and do whatever I want, well, except cause trouble. It’s where I can do many things like playing board games. I can do me at home. It’s so great to have a home because it’s where I almost do everything. When I feel like being me, it feels right because it is my home. At home, I do whatever my parents tell me to do without complaining. When I have my own room only I would sleep in it. When I want something my parents always help me. When I feel like being around people, I have a lot of people I can spend time with, and when I feel like spending time alone, I can be in my room to be alone.. Well, unless my brothers get in.