Grade 5


What Home Means To Me

I got the keys to my house. I opened the door and I felt like i’m at home.But I felt that something was wrong, like something was missing in my house.I couldn’t put my finger on it. I thought for a moment and I just rubbed it off.I thought that i was hungry but the feeling was still there.I thought to myself what is it then i went to bed and close my eyes.My dream was that i was at the dinner table and i saw loads of people around me and eating with me .I’m so confused and i just woke up from a weird nap then i got a really bad headache.I Got a pack of really cold ice.But It does not feel better then it popped in my mind was it money?No then I thought of something that even I wouldn’t even know it’s your family! I got my phone and called my lovely family and they said yes. I prepared the table and put plates and forks also the spoons. I wait until it was about 11am to 3am so i waited and i hear the doorbell ring and my whole family and I ate the food the end.