Grade 5


What Home Means To Me

Home to me is where family is, with family we play games and listen to music, go to the race track and sit by the fire at night. I don’t know what I would do without my family. I love them so so much even when my sisters are mean. On the holidays my aunties and grandmas come over. in the morning I wake up at my dad’s house and open presents! And the I go to my mom’s house to open presents on Christmas Eve we go to my grandma’s house and open presents and play with our cousins. I am thankful for getting fresh food and that I have a house that is warm and cozy!
After school when I get home I normally play on my phone. Then I read for 20 min. After that I do the laundry and clean my room. In the morning every one fights over the bathroom. Than we get ready and eat breakfast for breakfast I have cereal. And then my mom drives us all to school. At night it is a fight again for the bathroom I eat supper and then get ready for bed and go to sleep.
Sometimes I get homework so than I do that. Me and my sisters never share anything like we always take other peoples socks even if there too big. I rarely get time to myself. But when I do I go in my room and watch TV and sleep. But when everyone gets home I hide in my bed. I know my sisters annoy me but I still love them all. I have one cat named Vader and a fish named bob he is nearly dead and Vader is very jumpy but I love them. And I love my family so much!