Grade 6

Bright's Grove

What Home Means to Me

What home means to me
What home means to me is a warm cozy walled in house with food in the coberts and clean water in the tap. When there is a place you’re always welcome As you slip off your shoes you walk in and set your coat on the couch you would be offered a drink. Next you will tak a tour of the house and get to know everything then you will go back to the couch with your drink and maybe turn on the TV and maybe watch the news to see what is happening. After when you feel at home you will get to meet everybody and talk about work,school,favourite things and a lot more. When it is dinner time you will sit at the dinner table and enjoy a nice meal with everybody and when you are done we would have dessert of your choice and watch a movie again of your choice. Lastly when the movie is over we will say our goodbyes and hope to see eachother soon as you slip on your shoes as you twist the smooth metal door handle and walk out until next time.