Grade 4


What Home Means to Me

Home is somewhere I can express myself and be thrilled about everything. I always get a very big warm welcome by my dog and cat when I get home from school. It also means that my family and friends are always by my side they will catch me when I fall, we always think about each other. I feel safe and can be myself around them because I know they won’t laugh at me, mock me or do anything to hurt my feelings. I feel safe around them because I know that they won’t let anything happen to me in a million years. When I snuggle with my mom and dad I can feel the cozyness of the nice warm soft blanket. This is what I love about my family, we help each other no matter what and we will always love each other. Even if me and my siblings fight a lot. I bet they feel the same way. I love my home and everything in it.