Grade 4

Saint John
New Brunswick

What Home Means To Me

W- What home means to me
H- How I love my home a lot. It is the best.
A- At home I am happy
T- Today I will play in my yard

H- Home is the best place ever.
O- Our home is full of fun games.
M- My house is safe for me and my family.
E- Every day I play at my house.

M- My family I can always trust.
E – Every day me and my family laugh with each other.
A- At my house I love my own big space.
N- Now I can play games with my family and I am really happy.
S – Sometimes my house is loud. I like it better when it is not!

T- Today in my home I played with my toy.
O- Our home is welcoming, fun, a good place to be any day. It is the best!

M- Me and my family love our home.
E- Every day I am in my home full of kindness.