Grade 6

Newfoundland and Labrador

What home means to me

What home means to me (poem):

When my teacher told us about this poem,
about writing all about our home,
I was really happy that I could help,
other people because I know how they felt.

My home means everything to me,
a place where it’s warm and comfy,
a place where we don’t get wet,
in storms and rain I’m so grateful so I never forget.

A place where we are loved,
by family and friends even from up above.

My home has a bed for sleep,
a living room for TV and a place where my friends and family meet. A kitchen for food, a playroom for fun, an office for work, outside is a place to run.

But not a lot of people realize,
that tons of people don’t have a home like yours and mine.
Their home is probably on the street,
with nothing to wear and little to eat.

So just by participating by writing an essay or poem,
you are helping someone less fortunate get a home.
I won’t be sad if I don’t win,
I’ll be happy enough to help someone make new memories of their new home begin.