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What Home Means to Me

Hi! Probably everyone likes staying at home. For me home is very very important because if we don’t have it we will be very cold then we will be freezing till we get frostbite. Then if we have a house we will be safe and warm and even grow plants in our house. It’s just going to be like a garden! An indoor garden, just so so useful. Sometimes there can be a blizzard and we will always be safe. I just don’t even know how to explain what home means to me because it’s always calm in our home and the house is very playful. Some houses are big and some are small. I like the big ones because it’s like a park because it’s very big and it has stairs. So that is what home means to me. I am very grateful for a cozy home.

Note: This piece was written by a grade 3 student from a grade 3/4 split class. We understand that this submission is not eligible for the contest, but we wanted to send it to you anyway. Thanks!