Grade 6

Spruce Grove

What Home Means To Me

Hello, I am Ratasha, and this is my entry for the “Meaning of Home” contest. I am in 6th grade and 11-years-old, I am writing this with my class and would like to join the “Meaning of Home” contest. I think home means that home is about love because it is not just a place for you to live in, but a place where you spend time with your family.
One of the reasons I think home means that is because my family loves me and would do anything for me like buying me stuff such as pets, devices, school supplies, and more. We also like to have fun together like movie nights, shopping, going out, and other fun stuff.
Another reason is siblings, they like to play with me and have fun with me because they love me and look up to me. They also celebrate special occasions with me like Birthdays, Christmas, Easter, Halloween, and more.
The last, and final reason, is because my parents, siblings, someone related to me, and other people considered to be my family, teach me things like when they sign me up for school, tell me things I don’t know if I ask, and prepare me for when I’m older like doing my own laundry, dishes, babysitting, looking after the cat, cooking, and more.
Home is a very special place for each of us because it is where we grow up, where we learn our first words, where we make new friends and more. I love my home and I hope you do too!
Thank you for reading my essay about what home means to me. This was very fun to type, and I hope the person who wins will be someone in my class. Good-bye!