Grade 4


What Home Means to Me

My home is special because it protects me from cold weather. I have somewhere I can rest. I have food and water in my house and something to play with and watch with all the time. I watch on my tablet and I play with my realistic baby doll. I like my realistic baby doll because I got it for Christmas, and it looks like and feels like a real baby. I really enjoy baking. Sometimes I bake cakes and cupcakes with my sister or cousin. I also really like my Hatchimal, Troy. It is big and blue and furry and it has a bottle with a rattle and stuffie. I was lucky to go to Mexico. I baked cupcakes with my cousin and played with her dog, Rocky. He is light brown and is really hyper. He loves running. I am lucky to have a cousin that helped me get over my fear of her puppy. She made the dog jump on me and told me to breathe and be still. My cousin is the best. This is what I think of my home.